iPhone Debugging Tip

DebuggingTip aLysc iPhone Debugging Tip

If you add a global debug point and run your application in Debug mode. Your application will always stop once it occur the Crash. Its really handy tip for all kind of development.

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Download WWDC 2010 session videos and source code

I know many people already get this email from apple, but i would like to share with those who didnt icon smile Download WWDC 2010 session videos and source code

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Error launching remote program: security policy error.

I was helping my friend to install application on his jailbreak iPhone. It took me some time to understand the issue. Actually he have two issues, one was understanding what to do to make a build and second how to install build to his iPhone. Continue reading →

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How to setup/install 2 iPhone SDKs on one Mac

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Back to Blogging

My last post was about a year back and so today I think its a time to start again my blog. So i would suggest that we start tutorials again and used iPhone sdk 4. So I will either update the old one’s or write new one.

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Five things you should know for building iPhone applications

Five things you know before you start developing iPhone applications:

1. You need a mac os x( mac mini, or mac book or mac pro, anything you like)

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Basic Questions before You start iPhone Development

One person from India asked me few question for iPhone development and below you can find answer’s to those questions. If you have any question regarding iPhone Development, please add in comments and I will try to response them.

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Getting Started with iPhone Development

Getting started iPhone Development Tutorial 1Chnr Getting Started with iPhone Development


Many peoples start working with iPhone without knowing many things about it and later they find it difficult to get everything on board. So this tutorial is focused on getting “Hello World” application running on iPhone simulator. I have also created a screen cast of this. If you do not like to read these 10 steps , you can simply move to video tutorial page. Continue reading →

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Beginner iPhone SDK Hello World Tutorial [Example & Code]

iPhone Hello World Tutorial tAg2P Beginner iPhone SDK Hello World Tutorial [Example & Code]


I am going to show you the simplest way to create hello world iPhone tutorial. I will write few more tutorials on the basic of iPhone Development. So this tutorial is an absolute beginner guide for iphone development. To get start with iPhone development you need to have iPhone SDK which you can get from here (http://developer.apple.com/iphone). To download it you need to have a apple developer account which is free for everyone. To test the code on device (iPhone) you need to buy a developer license which cost you 99$ or 299$ for enterprise. Continue reading →

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iPhone Programming Tutorial {Part 7}: Adding Pictures into your table using Interface builder

custom cell iphone tutorial 20Mox iPhone Programming Tutorial {Part 7}: Adding Pictures into your table using Interface builder

Creating iPhone Application: Introduction:

I am going to write series of UITableView tutorials for iPhone (Video Tutorials as well) to help developers and programmers to make a new applications for Apple store. This series of tutorials help you create/build iPhone applications more easily and fast. Following are the list of iPhone tutorials, which I will be posting on this blog:

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