List/Guideline for submitting iPhone Application to Apple Store

if you have issues doing this, send me an email at info @ to do this for you but then you have to donate me something

It took me 3 days to submit my first application on Appstore, its not very complicated but you have to follow many steps to do it right. So today one of my friend Naeem requested me to write down the steps for him.

I assume that you have iPhone Developer License. Please follow the following steps, one by one:

  • Step 1:

    Certificate is very important part for submitting or testing your application on iPhone. It has the code-sign(Signatures) which will be checked when you submit your application on apple store or to test it on your iPhone. (You can bypass those to install application on your jail-break iPhone or to submit it to Cydia but you will not be able to submit it to appstore. Check my previous post to bypass code signature).There are two steps to create a certificate from developer portal. I simply copied those two from “iPhone developer portal”

    1. Generating a Certificate Signing Request
    2. Submitting a Certificate Signing Request for Approval

    Generating a Certificate Signing Request

    1. In your Applications folder, open the Utilities folder and launch Keychain Access.
    2. In the Preferences menu, set Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) to “Off”.
    3. Choose Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistant -> Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.
    4. In the User Email Address field, enter your email address. Please ensure that the email address entered matches the information that was submitted when you registered as an iPhone Developer.
    5. In the Common Name field enter your name. Please ensure that the name entered matches the information that was submitted when you registered as an iPhone Developer.
    6. No CA (Certificate Authority) Email Address is required. The ‘Required’ message will be removed after completing the following step.
    7. Select the ‘Saved to Disk’ radio button and if prompted, select ‘Let me specify key pair information’ and click ‘Continue’.
    8. If ‘Let me specify key pair’ was selected, specify a file name and click ‘Save’. In the following screen select ‘2048 bits’ for the Key Size and ‘RSA’ for the Algorithm. Click ‘Continue’.
    9. The Certificate Assistant will create a CSR file on your desktop.

    Submitting a Certificate Signing Request for Approval

    1. After creating a CSR, log in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and navigate to ‘Certificates’ > ‘Development’ and click ‘Add Certificate’.
    2. Click the ‘Choose file’ button, select your CSR and click ‘Submit’. If the Key Size was not set to 2048 bits during the CSR creation process, the Portal will reject the CSR.
    3. Upon submission, Team Admins will be notified via email of the certificate request.
    4. Once your CSR is approved or rejected by a Team Admin, you will be notified via email of the change in your certificate status.

    Download/Installing Certificate on your machine

    1. Upon CSR approval, Team Members and Team Admins can download their certificates via the ‘Certificates’ section of the Program Portal. Click ‘Download’ next to the certificate name to download your iPhone Development Certificate to your local machine.
    2. On your local machine, double-click the downloaded .cer file to launch Keychain Access and install your certificate.

    Certificate is installed on your MAC now the next step is create a App ID. (Note:You have to follow this step only once and later you don’t have to make certificates for your other applications.)

  • Step 2:

    Creating an App Id is very easy, you have to follow few simple steps:

    1. Log in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and navigate to ‘App IDs’ and click ‘Add Id’.
    2. In “App Id Name” enter the name of your application (i.e iphoneapp) and in “App Id” enter something like com.yourdomain.applicationame (i.e com.adeem.iphoneapp) and clicked on Submit
    3. Please write done the “App Id” because you will used this in Info.plist, Bundle identifier tag
  • Step 3:

    Now the next step is to create a Provisioning File for your Xcode and this will be your last step for creating binary which you submit it to appstore.

    1. In to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and navigate to ‘Provisioning’ > ‘Distribution’ and click ‘Add Profile’.
    2. Now select “App Store” in “Distribution Method”
    3. In “Profile Name” type your application name (i.e iphoneapp) which will be your provisioning profile name as well.
    4. In “App ID” select the app name (i.e iphoneapp) which you created in Step 2
    5. Download the Provisioning profile and copy it to your /YourUserName/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profile
  • Step 4:

    Now everything is step up, open your project in Xcode

    1. Select your project from “Group & File” in left side bar and click on “i” ( info ) button.
    2. Move to “Configuration” tab and select “Release”. Press the “Duplicate” button from bottom, name is “iphoneDistribution”.
    3. Click on “Build” tab and select “iphoneDistribution” and type in “Search in Build Settings” filed ‘Base SDK’ and select the current selected Device and change it to what device your application is targetting ( I prefer “Device – iPhone OS 2.0)
    4. Now in “Search in build setting” field type “code signing identity” and select the provisioning profile you created in Step 3. Also do the same thing for the child property “Any iPhone OS Device”.
    5. Now Close the Info screen and select the “Target” > “YourApp” from “Group & File” in left side bar and clicked on “Info” button again from Xcode.
    6. Repeat the step 3 and 4 again for safe side.
    7. Now Info screen is still open clicked on “Properties” tab and in Identifier field type the “App Id” (i.e com.adeem.iphoneapp)
    8. Everything is set up, click on “Build”(cmd+B) from Xcode>Build
    9. Now right click on “Product”>”YourApp” and select “Reveal in Finder”. This is your binary file so please zip this file.
  • Step 5:

    Now you are done from Xcode and iPhone Developer Protal. Now you will submit this binary to itunesconnect.

    1. In your browser type (this website is very slow over https) and login using your iphone developer account.
    2. Click on “Manage Your Account” > “Add Application”
    3. Now answer simple question from apple and submit your application to appstore. Few thing you should have before you submit your application there in System/Mind:
      • Application Name ( must be uniqe)
      • Application description
      • Application Category
      • URL for your application feedback
      • Icon of your application in 512×512 size
      • Main picture of your application in 320×480 or 320×460 size. (Optionaly you can submit up to 4 more pictures of your application as well)

That’s all you need to do icon smile List/Guideline for submitting iPhone Application to Apple Store (Please post anything in comments that I missed and I will update the post) Not very long but it might take 2-3 hours!

Please feel free to ask any questions or problem you face during submitting your application to Apple Store.

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My name is Adeem M Basraa. I am a software engineer from Lahore, PK. I’ve been involved in software development for nearly 4 years, with the last 1 year focused on application development for mobile devices (iPhone & Android).

89 Comments on "List/Guideline for submitting iPhone Application to Apple Store"

  1. Rishi Patel says:

    I must say, Adeem is really really helpful person. ALways willing to help anyone around.

    Thank you Adeem once again for all your help with iphone apps.

  2. John says: icon is not in the proper device format
    Info.plist does not contain a CFBundleResourceSpecification
    Application failed codesign verification. Please see the console log for additional details

    any ideas?

  3. sergio says:

    what about app keywords?
    I mean do we have to provide keywords associated with our app, or finding an app inside the appstore is just to search for words in the app’s description.

  4. Hello, just wanted you to know I have saved your blog to my Google bookmarks because of your fantastic blog layout (LOL). With that said, seriously, I believe your site has one of the cleanest design I’ve came across. It really helps make reading your blog a lot easier.

  5. 50 cents says:

    Does the name of the actual binary file matter? I successfully uploaded through iTunes Connect, but just worried because the name of the actual binary is different. Of course, I gave the proper name in the description on iTunes Connect.

  6. Thank You for sharing your knowledge, Really nice post

  7. Tom G says:




  8. pramod says:

    I didnt found the “‘Certificates’ > ‘Development’ and click ‘Add Certificate’”. I didnt find the Add Certificate button in the certificate. Instead of this I found following content in the Certificates->Development.

    You currently do not have a valid certificate Request Certificate

    *If you do not have the WWDR intermediate certificate installed, click here to download now.

    Any info what does these links means. Actually in the “How to ” section of the site, it shows to upload the csr generated file. I didnt have any option to upload the csr.

    Do any one know about this issue…??

  9. pramod says:

    Is having a team member is necessary for developing the iphon app. To be clear , consider following scenario:

    If there are only two members in the team and both are having rights as an admin user. Then will there be any change regarding the certificate generation and deployment of the application on to the device etc….

    I am also having problem with uploading the csr. when i login to iphone_programme_portal->certificates->Development

    I didnt find any way to upload the csr file. It has just two links to request certificate and download the wwdc certificate

    Does this screen differs for the admin users and team members? if so how can the admin users can upload the csr files etc…

  10. Matt says:

    Thank you so much! I must say after struggling for two days trying to get my first app submitted, your tutorial was the ONLY ONE that worked. Props to you, my friend, you’re a life-saver.

  11. Prasad says:

    Thank you for the step by step process. I have a follow up question: Let’s say once after I submit my app (for the first time) to get approved, how long should I wait to submit updates to the app? In other words, how soon can I submit updates to my app?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best regards,

  12. Adeem Basraa says:

    Once your application approved, you can submit the update. There is no such limits.

  13. Prasad says:

    Thanks a lot Adeem.

    How long will Apple take to approve updates? In other words, would the updates go through same approval process?

    I’m debating whether to delay the initial submission of the app or not as I have one minor enhancement that will take another 4 weeks. But, I don’t want to delay the initial launch if possible.


  14. sychee says:

    Thank you…. It works !!!
    Your explanation is very clear and concise.

  15. Ravi says:

    How to get Iphone developer’s license

  16. Lincoln says:

    Thank you for the clear and concise steps to deploy the application to the AppStore. If not for the steps, I could have given up and put my full focus on Android.

    Once again, THANKS A MILLION !

  17. riccardo says:

    I delete all keychains cerificate and entries kept following your instructions but i get the error message

    profile does not match any valid certificate/ private key pair it is a nightmare for me thanks anyway

  18. Adnan says:

    how does it convert .app file to .ipa file?

  19. Michael Mausolf says:

    Thank-you. This is the only tutorial i have found that is A+.

  20. mishra_rak says:

    Thanks for awesome post, but I have some confusion about app size.someone tell me that apple only recommend 20 MB for app but I saw so many app on itunes their size is more 100 or 200 MB So, is it right for apple recommendation about file size or we have to explicitely give any specific reason about more than 20 MB file size at the time of submission? Please give me any information about this on my mailID.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. moe says:

    very interesting tutorials and clear step since i am still learning phonegap i was wondering if i make app x and do these steps, if i copy/paste the app and rename it is it important to repeat the steps each time ?

  22. Harindra says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial, but I have got same error when I tried to publish app into the app store.

    “Application failed codesigning verification. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with Apple submission Certificate”

    I know I followed all u mentioned steps but it shows same error.

    Pls help…!

  23. Jason Jones says:

    Really well written article about the submission process to Apple.

  24. Dharmendra Patel says:

    Hello Sir
    i want to know that how can i submit our binary code on apple store through itune after step 5.

  25. Karthik says:

    Thanks for the post Adeem. It was useful. However I have a doubt hoping many of them would have come across them.
    When the Apple team reviews the application it is essential they need to know some login information to get into the application. How do you provide such information to the Apple team.

    If anyone has clarity on this, I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts and experiences.


  26. Gaurav says:

    code signing identity find my profile but it is disable with a reason “profile doesnt match valid certificate or private key in default keychain”.
    I think it comes from my certificate is not install properly.
    Please reply me how to resolve this problem or install certificate properly.

  27. Adeem Basraa says:

    are you sure u follow the step1 well?

  28. Adeem Basraa says:

    if you have login system, then apple team will do the registration. But its always good to provide a test account to them.

  29. Adeem Basraa says:

    this is changed now. Now you have to use Xcode to submit app to apple store. I will write to write a tutorial on this :)

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