List of Xcode Shortcut keys

In my point of view using shortcut keys are much faster then using mouse. So I always prefer to explore more shortcut keys for one software I used most of the time.

I am working with Xcode since June 2008 and find lot of hidden keys by myself or from other peoples. So I want to list them down here and update this post when I come to know more (Keep checking for updates !)

Here is the complete list of all advance level shortcut’s!

For Shifting

  1. Alt-⌘-Up to alter between .m and .h file
  2. ⌘-Shift-D, When you want to open a file or a symbol definition that’s in your project or in a framework.
  3. ⌘-Shift-E expand the editor view to full height of the window.
  4. Alt-⌘-Left / Alt-⌘-Right, Navigate among open files back and forth.
  5. Press Tab to accept the current completion.
  6. Escape presents a pop-up list from which you can select from all the available completions (i.e after dot press Escape to list down a complete list).
  7. Control-comma to show the list of available completions, Control-period to insert the most likely completion, and Control-Slash & Shift-Control-Slash to move between place holder tokens.
  8. ⌘-double click on a symbol to see the definition of a symbol.
  9. Option-double click on a symbol to see the documentation for that symbol– OR– Right click on any word and select ‘Find Selected Text in API Reference’ to search the API for that word.
  10. Cmd-/ to automatically insert “//” for comments.
  11. Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow to do intra-word text navigation.
  12. Control-1 list down all the project files.
  13. Control-2 to access the popup list of functions/methods/symbols in this file.
  14. Control-3 list down all the include files
  15. Right click on a variable in your function and click edit all in scope (Best one).
  16. ⌘-[ and ⌘-] to indent and unindent selected text. Makes cleaning up source code much easier.
  17. Double-click on the square brackets or parentheses to obtain bracket and parentheses matching.
  18. Control-Shift-R to show the Console
  19. Control-Alt-⌘-R to clear the log
  20. Control-⌘ Left/Right to fold and unfold the function.
  21. Shift-⌘-C, the class browser in Xcode.
  22. ⌘-=, Jump to the next error in the list of build errors. Display the multiple Find panel with ⌘-Shift-F.
  23. ⌘-O, Jump to the Project tab, to the build tab with ⌘-Shift-B and to the debug tab with ⌘-Shift-Y.

Also If you want to know each and every shortcut in Xcode please check this link. Complete Xcode Keyboard Shortcut List
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