Basic Questions before You start iPhone Development

One person from India asked me few question for iPhone development and below you can find answer’s to those questions. If you have any question regarding iPhone Development, please add in comments and I will try to response them.

1) i am not registered developer so far, i will be registered with in 2,3 dayes.. so i can’t successfully complete code signing . is it  the reason for it ?
To sign your code, either you have to do the right way or the wrong well. Right way is to use the apple developer license and wrong way is to use Cydia. I recommend you to go for the right way as you already applied for it icon smile Basic Questions before You start iPhone Development . So just wait 2 to 3 days more and then you can install the application on your device.

2)after i registered how i get the certificate..?(code singing certificate..) let me know the step by step procedure…?
Once you get the license (an email from apple), you will be able to access developer portal from From there you can create certificate, please looked at my blog and you will find all the steps for it.

3) what i do to distribute my Application..(can we distribute our application with out the help of app-store?)
You know, there are millions of iPhone users and 80 to 90% use Apple store to download application. But yes if you want to target Jail-break, they are also in numbers and for that you have to go for Cydia. You can distribute your application on Cydia and on Apple store at the same time if you are using official SDK from apple.

4) how many certificate is there ? (i thing like code singing certificate  and so on)
There are only 2 type of certificates:
1. Developer Certificate, which you used to test application on your device using debugger in Xcode.
2. Distribution Certificate, this certificate is use to distribute your application to your clients or to send anyone who is not a developer.

5)  can we run our application in divice with out any registration( in jail-braked device )
You can run your application on jailbreak devices as well, all you need is either Apple Developer License or Cydia to install applications on Jail-break or normal devices.

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3 Comments on "Basic Questions before You start iPhone Development"

  1. mari says:

    hello..there are some question from u abt icode..pls clear me out from confusion .
    1)History of iphone programmin?
    2)Can i use pc windows os for developin iphone programmin? if possible how to make instal, and program on there?
    3)do u ve any resourse abt free ebook for iphone coding?
    4)wat is similarity & difference btwn c/c++ & icode? im thinkin icode is based on C, m i right?

    Thankyou, waiting your reply very soon :)

  2. Ankush chandel says:

    i am fresher in this field….i want to know about iphone in briefly …so plzz give me any suggestion……..


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