Five things you should know for building iPhone applications

Five things you know before you start developing iPhone applications:

1. You need a mac os x( mac mini, or mac book or mac pro, anything you like)

2. To submit your work to apple you need a apple developer license as well.

3. The SDK is free to download, so you can build you application and test it on simulator without any cost. But if you want to test it on your iPhone/iPod touch or submit it to apple store, you must have a developer license.

4. To test your application, you must have either iPod or iPhone because Simulator and device behaves differently on some features like memory.  So I highly recommand you to buy one device as well.

5. Programming language is Objective – C and its very similar to C/C++, even a Java developer like me didnt spend much time to understand the language.

If I missed something, Please let me know.

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My name is Adeem M Basraa. I am a software engineer from Lahore, PK. I’ve been involved in software development for nearly 4 years, with the last 1 year focused on application development for mobile devices (iPhone & Android).

8 Comments on "Five things you should know for building iPhone applications"

  1. KennySmooth says:

    Yes you need Mac OSX but you also need an Intel-Based mac. Forgot that part ;)

  2. Mox says:

    how I can change the path of sdk for xcode, plese help me.

  3. TSX2010 says:

    Just a quick notice; it will also run on a OSX86 version of mac os (Intel & AMD). Look up OSX86 and ideneb on google if you do not own a Mac and want to be able to use the iPhone SDK on a regular PC.

  4. SraHosting says:

    Agreed with TSX2010: in point 1 above, the only dependency is that you run the Mac Operating System (i.e. apple software). Since apple switched to Intel processors, you can run on any intel-based hardware.

    With a bit of work, you can run Snow Leopard in a virtual machine using VMware workstation 7, you dont need to run Apple Hardware.

  5. Zaheer Tariq says:


    Quite gud and pretty impressive…. but how can we get the Apple Developer license?


  6. Sunil Sabat says:

    Few changes as of March 23, 2011:

    For 1, You need a mac os x( mac mini, or mac book or mac pro running on Intel based logic board, anything you like). Do not use old G4/G5 based Apple computers.

    For 3, Xcode SDK used to be free. Now, you have to pay $4.99 to download it from App Store. Develop on Mac OS X – Snow Leopard 10.6.6.
    Xcode comes with latest Iphone/IPad SDK. It is 4gb file.

  7. Leopold says:

    Thanks for all this work you’re doing to help people like me ( a Complete beginner!) to better understand iphone development. It makes me happy that there are people out there who are willing to share their knowledge with others for the benefit of all. Keep up the good work, it’s the best way to get everyones ideas out there! Leopold.

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